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Our Services

In Home Euthanasia Services: Peaceful Tails offers in-home euthanasia allowing pet owners to say goodbye peacefully in the place their pet finds most comfortable and safe while surrounded by loved ones. This avoids the stress and anxiety of travel to a veterinary hospital. Euthanasia can be a difficult experience for pet owners and our service allows families to grieve in the privacy of their own home.

Quality of Life Assessments: We know euthanasia can be a difficult decision for many families. We offer end-of-life consultations to provide a professional evaluation to help families make this decision. A quality-of-life assessment may include a visit to the home for a physical examination of your pet or a virtual visit via phone call or video call. During this visit, our veterinarian will also speak with your family to objectively assess your pet’s current quality of life and help you make a decision on the next steps to take. Peaceful Tails has a limited capacity for diagnostic testing and as such as we are not meant to replace your relationship with your regular veterinarian. Because of this, our quality-of-life assessments are beneficial for owners who already have a diagnosis from their regular veterinarian.

Hospice Care/ Palliative Care: Hospice care provides pets at the end of their lives with nursing support and pain management. This care focuses on comfort, not a cure. We work to extend a pet’s quality of life and provide the family with the support necessary to do so. We offer hospice/palliative care for patients in Sangamon County on a limited basis.

Location: Peaceful Tails is based in Chatham Illinois. We service Sangamon County, including Springfield, Chatham, Auburn, Buffalo, Cantrall, Curran, Divernon, Loami, Mechanicsburg, New Berlin, Pawnee, Pleasant Plains, Sherman, Rochester, Riverton, Virden, Williamsville.  We are available outside of this area on a limited basis for an additional travel fee. Areas we travel to also include but are not limited to: Athens, Carlinville, Decatur, Elkhart, Forsyth, Girard, Hettick, Jacksonville, Lincoln, Modesto, Mt. Pulaski, Palmyra, Petersburg, Staunton, Taylorville, Waverly.  

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In the news

Dr. Keay was featured on the NPR Illinois 91.9 Community Voices program in January. You can listen to her interview which discusses the work of Peaceful Tails by clicking below:

listen to the Community Voices interview 

Aftercare Choices

Peaceful Tails works with local family-owned crematorium Butler Funeral Home to provide several aftercare options for your beloved pet. With private cremation, your pet will be cremated individually with their cremated remains returned to you either in an elegant wooden container or another urn of your choosing. Communal cremation is available for owners who do not wish to have their pet’s cremated remains returned to them.  For owners who wish to have a traditional pet burial or a cremation burial, we work with Roselawn Pet Cemetery to facilitate the burial of choice for your pet.  We are happy to work with you to find the aftercare option that works best for your family.  

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Who We Are


Current Hours/ Availability

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The prices listed below are for services performed in Sangamon County, Illinois including Springfield, Chatham, Pleasant Plains, Auburn, New Berlin, Rochester, Sherman, Riverton. If you live in a neighboring county, additional travel fees may apply.

At-home Euthanasia

  • During regular business hours: $275

    • This includes a clay paw print to help memorialize your beloved pet

    • Aggressive pets may require an additional fee depending on size and disposition

  • Nights, weekends, and holidays: additional $50 after hours fee, availability for these appointments is limited.

  • Outside Sangamon County: contact us for pricing based on location.

  • Additional fees for aftercare/cremation (see below for prices). You are also welcome to arrange cremation services on your own if you prefer.

  • You may arrange your own pet burial at home. It is your responsibility to check local laws to determine if this is allowed where you reside.

Private Cremation

Dr. Keay will take your pet into her care after your appointment and handle all cremation arrangements. Your pet will be cremated individually with their individual cremated remains returned to you in a wooden urn.

  • Small & Medium Private Cremation (up to 75 pounds) $250

  • Large Private Cremation (76-99 pounds) $275

  • Extra Large Private Cremation (100 pounds & up) $300

  • Other urn options available, prices vary from $59 to $312

Communal Cremation

Dr. Keay will take your pet into her care after your appointment and handle all cremation arrangements. Your pet will be cremated with several other pets and their cremated remains will have a dignified disposition at a local, privately-owned location. 

  • Small & Medium Group Cremation (Up to 75 pounds) $150

  • Large Group Cremation (76-99 pounds) $175

  • Extra Large Group Cremation (100 pounds & up) $200

Burial Services

Roselawn Pet Cemetery in Springfield offers pet burial services for both traditional and cremation burial in their beautiful park-like setting. For more information you can contact Roselawn Memorial Park at 217-525-1661 or see

Quality of Life Assessment

$175 for 30-60 minutes. Dr. Keay offers a telehealth voice or video consultation or an in-home visit for Quality of Life Assessments.

Palliative Care/Hospice Exam

$250 for a palliative care/hospice visit which includes an assessment, discussion of possible medications and aids to improve quality of life, and follow up discussions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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for pet owners

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Pet Loss Counseling and Support Services

Quality of Life Assessment

Resources for children

Recommended books for children

  • Dog Heaven by Cynthia Rylant

  • Cat Heaven by Cynthia Rylant

  • When a Pet Dies by Fred Rogers

  • The Tenth Good Thing About Barney by Judith Vorst

  • Pet Loss and Children: A Guide For Parents by Mary Rochford Rose

  • Sammy In The Sky by Barbara Walsh

  • Being Brave for Bailey by Corey Gut

  • Dear Brave Friend by Leigh Ann Gerk

  • For Every Dog and Angel by Christine Davis

Recommended books for adults

  • Coping With Sorrow on the Loss of Your Pet by Moira Anderson

  • Going Home: Finding Peace When Pets Die by Jon Katz

  • A Final Act of Caring: Ending the Life of an Animal Friend by Mary and Herb Montgomery

  • Grieving the Death of a Pet by Betty Carmack

  • The Loss of a Pet: A Guide to Coping With the Grieving Process When A Pet Dies by Wallace Sife, PhD

  • I Never Wanted to Say Goodbye: A Collection of Poems by Arlene Klein

How can I memorialize my pet?

Memorializing your pet is one way to help with grieving their loss. There are many ways to memorialize your pet, we have listed a few below.

  • Included in our in-home euthanasia fee is a keepsake clay pawprint and ink paw prints made onto card stock paper.

  • At an owner’s request we can also clip locks of fur or make a nose print. Please let us know if you would like these at your appointment.

  • We now offer creation of digital images of paw prints or nose prints. We use a photo of the paw or nose to create this image which will then be sent to you as a jpg or pdf or other format you desire.  Owners often use these images to create keepsake jewelry or artwork.  The images can be placed onto jewelry, clothing, etched onto glass, and more.  If you would like this add-on service please let us know at your appointment. The fee is $10 per image.

  • The digital image or inked paw print can be used by talented tattoo artists to commemorate your pet’s memory in the form of a tattoo.

  • Some owners may wish to spread their pet’s cremains (cremated remains) in a location that had special meaning for their pet

  • Some owners will bury cremains in their yard and place a commemorative stone over the site. There is also a product that can be placed in the ground that allows a pet’s urn to be moved in case a family moves away. This can be found at .

  • Artwork such as glass sculptures (similar to paperweights or ornaments) can incorporate a pet’s cremains and be displayed in the home. A local artist shop, Prairie Fire Glass, creates this type of memorial.  More information on their shop can be found at 

  • Jewelry or other commemorative pieces can be made from cremains, locks of your pet’s fur, or paw or nose prints.  Local Springfield artist Rachel Lauer Thomas makes a variety of keepsake jewelry. You can visit her website at

  • A lock of your pet’s hair can be saved to be used in jewelry, placed in a shadow box or a memory book or other commemorative item.

  • Creating a shadow box is another activity that can be done as a family to include children. Shadow boxes can be found at craft stores such as Michaels and online.  These could include photos of a pet as well as a lock of hair, a paw print, a collar or tags, a favorite toy or piece of a favorite blanket.

  • A decorative planter can be made using a pet’s food or water bowl, placing the pet’s collar around the bowl to display it.

  • Artwork can be commissioned of your pet, or you can use a website such as  to have digital artwork created for you from photos.

  • Creating a photo book or photo album is a great way to include children in memorializing your pet. Finding photos to include and incorporating stories or favorite memories of your pet or a drawing your child makes of your pet can help them with the grieving process.

  • A time capsule is another way that children (or adults) can help commemorate a pet.  This time capsule could include photos of a pet, items associated with the pet like toys or collars, poems or stories or drawings, or a letter written to the pet.

  • Making a donation to an organization that benefits animals in your pet’s memory is another way to memorialize your pet.  This could be a donation to a local organization such as the Animal Protective League or a national organization such as the International Association for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care, or a donation to your veterinary office’s “Angel Fund” which helps pets whose owners are having trouble affording care. 

  • Have a “celebration of life” with family or friends. At the celebration you can display photos of your pet, items your pet loved, share stories or poetry. Wish paper such as this: can be used to write a message or thought about the beloved pet. The paper is then lit and floats up into the air as it burns (a more environmentally friendly alternative to a balloon release).

  • Companies such as Cuddle Clones ( can make custom stuffed animals that look identical to your pet using photographs you provide.

  • Rainbow Bridge Pet Loss Deck: This is another tool that can be helpful in the grieving process and memorialization. This consists of a deck of cards with beautiful illustrations as well as ideas of actions or thoughtful and comforting reminders and affirmations.  You can see an example of the deck at and the deck is available for sale at The Cardologist in Springfield Illinois.   

These are just a few ideas for memorialization. If you have a specific company you have used for a memorial you would like to share, please let us know.

Digital Paw & Nose Prints

A digital paw or nose print can be made as a JPEG, PDF, PNG or TIFF.  These digital images can then be easily used to create commemorative items such as prints, jewelry, clothing, mugs, tattoos and more.  We can create a digital print with a photo of the paw or nose, as well as from an ink or clay print.  If you would like a digital paw or nose print, let us know prior to your appointment so we can be sure to get a photo to create the print.  If you are not yet a client but would like a digital print, please email us at  Digital prints are available for $10 each. 

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Contact Us

  • You may contact us via text or phone at              217-993-TAIL (8245), at, or by submitting the form below. 

  • We will return your email or phone call within 24 hours.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Peaceful Tails End-of-Life Veterinary Care is NOT intended for emergency situations requiring euthanasia. If your pet requires immediate care please contact your family veterinarian or Springfield’s emergency veterinary clinic:

    • Animal Emergency Clinic of Springfield: 217-698-0870/ 1333 Wabash Ave Suite A

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